Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The first reasons why....

There was a girl - nay, a woman - who wanted to know what she could really achieve, if she only gave herself the chance. So many dreams, hopes, ideals, plenty of philosophising about how things could and should be... so much so that one day the woman decided to change her language. 'Could' and 'should' would be no more. 'Can', 'will' and 'want to' would need to be learnt and put in their place.
The plan was a good one, and the woman felt proud of herself. She even found the courage to fulfil one of the 'want to' items on her list... and a lovely nose piercing it was too. But then came her first lesson. Pride, she discovered, was not enough to succeed. In fact, it seemed to preceed what others referred to as a 'Fall'. Apparently the plan had fallen back into philosophising and dreaming.
So a new approach was needed. And the irrevocable truth was unleashed, with unbridled certainty, that 'this' was the way to ensure success... buy a new notebook. Fresh, clean pages, a pretty hardback cover, which would be entitled 'All The Reasons Why'. The notebook was beautiful, it looked good enough to share its contents with others. Although it's weird to share blank, white pages with others. So, as the notebook lay empty, so the fulfilment of her dreams laid empty.
One more step along the road she went.... and so the blog was introduced. But before it could be successful, she made a painful realisation... writing in the third person was never going to work. Nope. Not at all. Because if I do that, then it's too easy for me to forget that I'm talking about me, about what I am thinking and what that should mean for my life.
The road may be narrow, it may be winding in its path, yet I suspect that I will find a lot of people walking on it. Thank goodness? Or maybe thank God :o)

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  1. So eloquently put.x. I look forward to the next one.x.